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Rosetti & Stone

Fully Australian owned and operated, Rosetti & Stone products made right here in Australia are the first to feature the new unique Hydrocreatine formulation based on the latest development in technology and raw materials that is taking Europe by storm.
Hydrocreatine is an Amino Acid derivative that occurs naturally in the body to help energise and revitalise our body cells, while also protecting them from the harsh effects of our environment.
When next buying your shampoos and conditioners buy the Rosetti & Stone Hair Care range and try for yourself it improves volume and feel of damaged hair, smooths the hair cuticle and strengthens the hair. Available in four variants Everday, Moisturising, Coloursafe and Revitalising one to suit most peoples needs.
Also available in the range, three body washes to aid in revitalisation of cell energy metabolism also soothes and supports the skin, whilst moisturising in Macadamia Oil, Sea Kelp & Minerals and Date, Fig and Olive.
Rosetti & Stone Haircare and Bodycare range is available from Drake Supermarkets. For more information visit  
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