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The Mitani Family Business started from humble beginnings,where in 1979 they moved into the food service distribution industry in a renovated picture theatre in the small country town of Gawler,
 Loui Mitani was the founder of Mitani products hand blending his own mix of herbs and spices to create the most popular spice on Chips today and most certainly one that we all know and enjoy even kids know and love MITANI CHICKEN SALT.This amazing product loved by all not only tastes the absolute best, it is made of all natural ingredients and has no MSG ( mono sodium glutamate) South Australia’s Mitani Chicken Salt  is  one of the biggest selling products in not only South Australia but Australia and also exported to countries around the world .What a clever man was Loui producing 50kg of spices per week, today Mitani’s combined  production output provides about 1 million serving of chicken salt for chips and salad per week .
Mitani is still a family owned business here in South Australia passed down to Lou’s 4 sons Tas,Con, Jim, and Les  with even members of the next generation having key responsibilities in Mitanis continued success today .
I know the Mitani companies products very well –alongside there Chicken salt they also have Lemon Pepper, Potato Wedge Sprinkle (to absolutely die for on roast potatoes or wedges) and Bush grill sea Salt.
I could continue to sing the praises of this Brilliant South Australian companies products, my suggestion is you all know how great their Chicken salt is,take it from me buy one of all their other spices I have mentioned and I almost guarantee you will not be disappointed. They will become part of your regular shopping list as is Mitani Chicken Salt. For more information on Mitani products visit their web site
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