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Olives 2000
I have for some time now been looking  for a South Australian company that makes their own Quality Olive oil,- using South Australian olives and  is readily available in supermarkets as well direct or online. I found them Olives 2000.
Compared to where we were years ago most now realise and enjoy not only the health benefits but the exquisite flavour of olive oil. 
 Olives 2000 range of Olive 0il ticks all the boxes and it is totally south Australian using Olives grown in not only our country but our state. 
Francesco Catanzariti after 20 years as a market gardener, took his first steps into the olive industry in the year 2000 by planting approximately 2000 Olive trees. In a very short time demand saw Francesco open the doors to consumers allowing the processing of olives for both small and large quantities north of Adelaide.
Olives 2000 success was unbelievable to the point that saw Francesco in 2005 plant another 22,000 different olive varieties in the South East. 
In the first twelve months of processing Francesco’s efforts were recognised receiving (gold and bronze) in the National Extra Virgin Olive Oil Show. Francesco’s excellence continued to 
grow along with his recognition winning many more awards. Including Bronze - 2014 in the 18th National Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition, Bronze at the 2014 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show and Bronze - 2014 Melbourne Royal Fine Food Awards 
Demand for Olives 2000 oil saw both Sons Saverio and Domenic join the family business along with Francesco Junior some years later.
Francesco’s need for absolute excellence in their olive oil saw Saverio and Domenic even travel to Italy studying the production and function of the Amenduni Ariete 902, a state of the art olive oil press that can process 5000kg of olives per hour.
Olives 2000 has this Amenduni Ariete state of the art equipment and I believe is the only company in South Australia that does have .This equipment allows them to run a ‘two phase “system that requires no added water during the separation process.  Scientific evidence suggests that the quality of oil, polyphenols and levels of antioxidants are far greater in the two phase system.
While filming our South Australian commercial a 1ltre bottle of Francesco’s Oil fell and smashed on the floor oil going everywhere. While cleaning it up we were all staggered at the thickness of the oil compared to the overseas ones available .Took us forever.
Please visit their web site for more information and let’s try and push our supermarkets to stock this for us. If enough people ask it will happen. In the mean time you can buy online or check their web site for stores stocking the product. 10-out of 10 .
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