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The Sunnybrook Health Store and Healing Centre

The Sunnybrook Health Store and Healing Centre have a brilliant online one-stop shop for all your special dietary requirements. Unfortunately for us the Sunny Brook Health Store is in Victoria, however we can shop online as they have created an online store at
Here you can choose from over 500 different Gluten Free products including cakes, biscuits, pies, breads, pasta, marinades, baking mixes and beer. To our knowledge, they have the larges range of gluten free products in Australia and also cater for others intolerances including yeast, wheat, egg, vegan, sugar, dairy lactose and kosher.
Avoid running from one shop to another, visit their website and do all your shopping online with nationwide Christmas delivery.
You’ll also find a wonderful range of cookbooks with great recipes for the allergy suffers, Naturopaths to assist with dietary advice and you can also join their free newsletter.
For phone orders call 03 9571 1462.
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