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Andrew Scott –orthotic Prosthetic Technologist.
08 7423 6459 mobile 0413 135 002.
7,4 Torrens avenue Lockleys .
For no apparent reason my feet stated to become very sore particularly on the pads- my doctor referred me to a Podiatrist who did the necessary tests and advised I needed orthotics after dong a series of tests - he ordered them and then proceeded to modify them so they were comfortable. I was advised to wear them gradually for a couple of weeks or so. I did this and thought they were great – so then wore them for ten days whilst away overseas. After 10 days I could hardly walk my back was so very sore, and I had never had a bad back. The 
only thing my medical people we could put it down to was my orthotics.  It took my Chiropractor 2 years to get my back, back to normal.
My feet continued to hurt and I thought it must have been from all my years of running – still trying to find a solution another podiatrist made some basic orthotics they also did not work.
Finally in desperation I visited a physio who suggested I go and see Andrew Scott from Foot Mechanic Orthotics saying he had worked at the Elizabeth Hospital making orthotics for many years.
I decided my feet were so sore all the time that I had nothing to lose.  I was extremely impressed from the onset - Andrew was so  very thorough  and checked everything to do with my feet .He then made my orthotics and suggested I have some correct shoes made which I did (red ones look quite trendy under my jeans ). 
Due to past experiences I was very tentative even so -just wearing them for short periods of time. I am absolutely stoked it is now just over 10 months since Andrew made my orthotics -I no longer have sore feet my back is normal and I can wear my orthotics almost all day. My family doctor of many years was also a big part of trying to get my feet sorted was so impressed ,he also became one of Andrews success stories .If you had any doubts that says it all . 
Do yourself and your feet a favour and give this man a call he is great and certainly knows feet …………. 10/10.
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